Terms and conditions of the promotions.

The following are the Terms and Conditions of the offers and promotions that exist in Little Thai.

All promotions are created and supported by Little Thai´s Restaurant Company.
For any queries, contact us.

Thai Wednesday promotion all dishes at 5 ‘ 50 €

-This promotion will be available every Wednesday of the year except for holidays and Fallas week. Both lunch and dinner hours.
-Not all dishes are subject to this promotion. Each restaurant reserves the right to decide which dishes will be applied to the promotion and which.

-The promotion consists of a base plate + 2 ingredients + sauce + topping for 5’50€. Or a specialty for 5´ 50€.

-Promotion applies to all Little Thai restaurants.
-The promotion is subject to all Spanish laws and regulations.


Promotion for the release of the Little Thai app.

-Esta promoción consiste en dos partes:
First: A 50% discount on the first order through the app above 30€.
Second: A 10% discount on orders from the app.

The first promotion (50% discount) ended on May 31st, 2018.
After that only the 10% discount will be kept on orders from the app.

-Until the expiration date will be available every day, except for the week of failures, provided that the requirements detailed below are fulfilled:

-the promotion of the “Saving of 50% in the first order made from the app “, and the “Saving 10% in the following orders from the app ” will be subject to the following conditions.

Both promotions will apply only to users duly registered in the Little Thai app.

-50% will be applied exclusively on orders equal to or greater than €30 (before the discount is applied) and will only be applied once per user account, the first time it is requested.
-‎Promotion not cumulative to other offers and promotions.
-‎Little Thai reserves the option to cancel the promotions if necessary. If you notice that the profile is fraudulent, you do not meet the conditions necessary for the application of these.
-‎Little Thai reserves the ability to extinguish these promotions in the same way when it considers it so.
-Promotion is subject to all Spanish laws and regulations.

**Except for the week Fallera and national holidays.


Pad Thai Challenge contest. 2018

-The challenge will take place on April 1, 2018 and will be subject to the following terms and conditions.

-Contestants must sign up for the contest at any of the Little Thai restaurants.
-There are a maximum of 30 participants.
-The deadline for registration expires on the eve of the contest or when the squares are completed.
-The contest will be held at the Little Thai restaurant in Ruzafa

-The challenge will be to eat a Pad-Thai of approx. 2 kg. (Speciality of the restaurant) in a record time competing against the other participants.
-The Pad-Thai of the contest will consist of 1000g of noodles, 400g of vegetables, 250g of chicken, 250g of veal, 100g of peanuts and sauce.
-The winner will be the one able to eat the Pad-Thai before any other participant in the dish of an hour.
-Those that exceed the one hour period will be eliminated.

-Little Thai is not responsible for any problems caused by reckless consumption or irresponsible participation in the contest.
-The judges will decide, at the end of the one hour period, who have been the winners of the contest and will proceed to distribute the prizes.

-The prizes will consist of:
-First Prize: Dinner for 2 people + oenological visit + Wine Tasting
-Second Prize: oenological visit + Wine Tasting Tour.
-All participants will have a prize that consists of a Pad Thai challenge T-shirt.

-The promotion is subject to all Spanish laws and regulations.