Reserve in Little Thai Ruzafa restaurant

Reserve in Little Thai Ruzafa restaurant

Little Thai Restaurant Calle Pedro III el Grande, 46 in Ruzafa

MAP Little Thai RUZAFA:

Make your reservation at our second Little Thai restaurant that we open in Valencia, specifically in the Ruzafa area.

From El Tenedor, you can reserve a table for yourself, your family or for celebrations with your friends at our premises in Pedro III en Grande, 46.

Ruzafa’s restaurant is our second Thai food place that we opened in Valencia. With 320 m2 for lunch and dinner in a quiet way and with whoever you want.

This is located in a neighborhood very close to the city center and very close to the area of ​​Reino de Valencia, Cánovas and the Ruzafa Market.


To go to Little Thai Ruzafa, there is a good combination of public transport.

It is one of the fashionable areas of Valencia with different places for nightlife in the surroundings. It is also located next to the Ruzafa Market and 10 minutes from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

With 320 m2 of space, our Little Thai restaurant is a large venue perfect for celebrations, lunches and group dinners, both for families with children and for friends.

Enjoy the best Thai food restaurant in the most fashionable neighborhood of Valencia.


Little Thai Ruzafa is located in the Eixample District. Like Extramurs, L’Eixample receives this name because it was built as an extension to Valencia, on the outside of the wall that protected the historic center of Valencia.

Eixample or Ensanche, was brought about by the displacement of the urban centrality towards the south in 1852 due to the inauguration of the North Station or the transfer of the Town Hall in 1859, from the Palacio de la Generalidad Valenciana building to its current location.

6 years later the demolition of the walls began to create the Eixample district in which the Ruzafa neighborhood is located, but it was not completed until 1887.

The Eixample area limits to the North with Ciutat Vella, to the East with El Pla del Real, to the South with Quatre Carreres and to the West with Extramurs.

In turn, it is made up of three neighborhoods:

  • Ruzafa.
  • The Pla del Remei.
  • Gran Vía.

This territory was annexed to Valencia in 1877 along with the rest of the Ruzafa municipality.


mercado de ruzafa en el eixample

The Ruzafa Market is one of the most characteristic monuments of the fashionable neighborhood of Valencia.

This Market was designed in 1957 by the architect Júlio Bellot Senet, together with the then Chief Architect of the Architecture services of the Valencia City Council, Javier Goerlich Lleó.

This Market was destined to cover the growing needs of the Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia.

Its structure is made of reinforced concrete with concrete beams. A very beautiful building with four facades with different colors in each of them in the form of a gradient or color palette that were added in the last restoration of the building in the mid-2000s. What are you waiting to visit it?


parc central en ruzafa valencia

The Central Park is one of the last parks built in the city of Valencia. With an extension of about 110,000 square meters of gardens, water and areas for the little ones.

This park was born after a long struggle by the city of Valencia to recover the land occupied by the train tracks that separate the city into its central and southern part. With this park two neighborhoods historically separated by the tracks will join.

Each area of ​​the park has its own botanical typology and combines meadows with shrubs and wooded walks. In addition, it is a park to spend a perfect morning and stroll in the Valencian sun. Are you going to miss it?

Pink Panther

pantera rosa ruzafa valencia

The Public Fountain of Valencia or Pink Panther as it is known in the city, is a source of shape and color that recalls the famous panther taken to the cinema.

In commemoration of the canal between the Turia River and the Júcar River, it was designed and created by the Valencian architect Miquel Navarro in 1984.